Logging in to COW

The COW is freely available on the internet to anonymous users, but only students in a COW-registered class can log in for a session in which their work will be recorded and graded. You will create your personal COW password and use it to log in, by entering your last name and password after clicking on the login button at the bottom of the COW Home Page.

Password instructions:
At your opening session, click on the Password button on the Home Page to create a password; in subsequent sessions, you can use the same button to change to a new password or to be reminded of your current password. Remember, you choose your own password: Once you know your password, to log in for a recorded session, go to the COW home page and click on the Login button. Enter your login information and you are ready to get to work. See the step-by-step instruction below for details.

If you are logged in for a recorded session, a reminder in red will show at the top left of each screen during the session. Visitors may use the COW facility but may not have their work recorded and graded.

Logging in for a recorded session, step-by step:

  1. Start your browser and enter the URL: http://www.math.temple.edu/~cow .
  2. This takes you to the COW home page. Click on the login button.
  3. The login page has two sections: one for logging in if you already have established your COW password, and one for creating or changing your COW password.
  4. Click on the appropriate COW book to work on a homework assignment, do practice exercises or review or just to play around.
  5. If you click on the homework button, you will be able to see any assignments your instructor has installed for your class, and your scores for work already done.
  6. Also, you can go directly to the last section you were working on by clicking the return button.
  7. Once you enter a book, choose a chapter, then a section, and then a specific module to work on. Problems or other activities will now be presented.

    To maintain your login, do not hit return on your browser. This may reinitialize your session, and log you out. Navigate using the built-in COW buttons.

  8. When you have completed the assignment you are working on, or are through using COW for the moment, exit the browser to terminate your work session.